"The purpose of art is washing the dust
of daily life off our souls".


About Me

Elisabeth Thomson: Artist

At work in the studio

Elisabeth paints primarily in acrylic and watercolour and is inspired by a wide range of subject matter, including landscapes, florals, portraits , semi-abstract figures and wildlife. An avid photographer, she has a large collection of reference pictures taken from the Ottawa Valley, Algonquin Park, Haliburton County, the East Coast of the U.S., the Caribbean and parts of Europe. 

Elisabeth began her artistic career following a four year art program in Ottawa after which she sold portraits on commission while working at a gallery in Hull, Quebec. She went on to teach elementary school, but continued to paint and take art courses in Ottawa, Haliburton, and Kleinburg, Ontario. She recently decided to to work full time  at painting and sells work on commission, in galleries and at shows. In the last two years, she has had three private shows in the Ottawa area. 

Elisabeth is inspired by a love of the outdoors, having spent much of her youth in a rustic log cabin near the Gatineau Park.  These days she enjoys sketching and painting at her cottage in the Haliburton Highlands which has become a second studio.  She is especially drawn to bright colours, stark images, shadows and reflections. Liz tends, instinctively, to divide images into Cubist-style sections to create edges and angular shapes. She paints subjects in unusual colours and often alters reality through metamorphosis, or weaves faces and figures into landscapes and abstract images.

Visitors are welcome to come out to her Fitzroy Harbour studio, at the far rural west end of the City of Ottawa. Information and directions can be obtained by emailing her using the "Contact Page" on this website.

East Coast Travel Provides Great Subjects


Travelling to various parts of Canada and the U.S. has provided many opportunities  to collect subject photos to be developed into great paintings (Lunenburg, N.S.)

Nature Presents Many Subject Opportunities


The love of the outdoors and nature in and around the Ottawa Valley gives a tremendous array of possibilities for drawings and paintings.

Previously Sold Work


Fantasy Fish


Carp River Rapids

Elisabeth has done a number of commissions involving family pets and locations.


The Mountain at Stowe VT.

Elisabeth often travels to nearby Vermont and New Hampshire to capture scenic winter and summer pictures in the mountains.

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Looking for a Great Gallery Walk

Come on up to the beautiful Village of Fitzroy Harbour and visit Elisabeth's Carp River Gallery.  Send us an email above and book an informal walk through with Elisabeth. You will never know what art treasure you will find.


(613) 623-8474